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I have had chronic pain in my neck for the past four years.  It was from an infection in the cartilage of my ear.  Long after the infection healed the severe pain lingered.  I diligently went to a chiropractor for a year and a half.  I would feel relief for a few days, but nothing lasted.  My neck began making clicking noises and I learned to crack it everyday as a way to relieve the pressure and ache.  The chiropractor was not a long term solution for me.

Three months ago I sought help at Adirondack Physical Therapy and Fitness.  My life has been transformed. From my very first assessment with Denise, I had hope of recovery.  I left with a few exercises to begin my rehabilitation.  Through the weeks Natalie and Kathy gently helped me to move forward with more exercises, massage, traction, good posture techniques and encouragement.  They instructed me to immediately stop the unhealthy habit of cracking my neck.

Receiving the competency and expertise of these three physical therapists has been an amazing experience for me.  My quality of life has increased 100%. My neck pain has decreased 80%.  I will do these exercises forever.  I recommend Adirondack Physical Therapy and Fitness to anyone who is suffering.

Letea M. Payne

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  • Certified in the McKenzie Method Specializing in neck & low back pain
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